FOCC #28 Crown Section

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Ranking crosstable after Round 4, Starting rank crosstable
Board PairingsRd.1, Rd.2, Rd.3, Rd.4/11 , not paired
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Starting rank

1Han Johnathan ESTCAN2216
2Chen Ryo CSTUSA2200
3Xie Brandon PSTUSA2130
4Xie Brandon2 PSTUSA2130
5Gao Raymond ESTCAN2103
6Tang Zoey PSTUSA2097
7Jiang Andrew ESTUSA2092
8Chen Eddison CSTUSA2080
9Jiang Andrew2 ESTUSA207116091063
10Gao Marvin ESTUSA2000
11Zhang Alex CSTUSA1997
12Bao Chris PSTUSA1989
13Wang Alan John ESTUSA1981
14Lu Aaron ESTUSA1974
15Lu Aaron2 ESTUSA1974
16Qiao Caden2 ESTUSA197215912240
17Ye Chen-Chen ESTUSA1972
18Ye Chen-chen2 ESTUSA1972
19Zhang Roger ESTUSA1972
20Deng Henry2 PSTUSA197016681298
21Yin Evan MSTUSA1970
22Yin Evan2 PSTUSA197015312546
23Deng Henry3 PSTUSA1969
24Weng Nicholas PSTUSA1958
25Hu Alan ESTUSA1957
26Mu Grant2 ESTUSA195515399825
27Su Ethan PSTCAN1953
28Mu Grant ESTUSA1946
29Sun Rick ESTUSA1945
30Sun Rick2 ESTUSA194514746540
31Liu Eric2 CSTUSA194416650666
32Deng Henry PSTUSA1940
33Tang Austin PSTUSA1940
34Qiao Caden ESTUSA1934
35Guo Andrew3 PSTUSA1925
36Guo Andrew PSTUSA1923
37Guo Andrew2 PSTUSA1923
38Liu Felix PSTUSA1920
39Wang Oscar CSTUSA1919
40Ming Albert ESTUSA1917
41Fan Frank PSTUSA1916
42Min Ryan2 PSTUSA191515853414
43Guan MIchael2 ESTUSA191415641237
44Guan Michael ESTUSA1914
45Guan Michael3 ESTUSA191415641237
46Qian Bobby ESTUSA1911
47Zhu Mathew ESTCAN1911
48Zhu Matthew2 ESTCAN1911160019
49Zhu Matthew3 ESTCAN1911160019
50Min Ryan PSTUSA1910
51Yu Johnny MSTUSA1909
52Liu Connor ESTUSA1908
53Liu Connor2 ESTUSA190815002525
54Liu Eric CSTUSA1905
55Qian Bill ESTUSA1905
56Qian Bill2~ ESTUSA1905
57Gao Lucy ESTCAN1902
58Cheng Leon ESTUSA1901
59Liao Joseph ESTCAN1901
60Su Jasmine ESTUSA1901
61Su Jasmine2 ESTUSA1901
62Chen Cheney ESTCAN1900
63Cheng Leon2 ESTUSA1900
64Liang Andrew PSTUSA1893
65Tu Landon CSTUSA1888
66Luo Will ESTUSA1869
67Zhang Connor ESTUSA1860
68Lin Michael ESTUSA1858
69Wang Kevin ESTUSA1851
70Guo Edward ESTUSA1843
71Wang Ryan R ESTUSA1841
72Wang Eric ESTCAN1839
73Wei James MSTUSA1834
74Jiang Mathew ESTUSA1826
75He Samuel~ ESTUSA1815
76Chen George ESTUSA1801
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